Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The "Perfect Jesus Walk".

It doesn't exist.  Actually it does.  Those who have it are called Pharisees.  Anyway, where is all of this pressure coming from to have the perfect "spiritual walk" with Jesus?  Is it our churches?  Our Christian organizations?

And I hate that in many cases, if you are doing ministry in the church or maybe raising support for something, etc. we are expected by many (not all!) to smile and act like everything is okay.  Clearly, that's a lie because everything is not always okay. 

It's just a stinkin' lot of pressure that's unattainable for most.  Yes!  I believe I should read Gods word.  Yes!  I believe I should pray to Jesus.  Yes!  I believe I should love the people I come in contact with. Yes!  I believe reading Christian books is great!  Yes!  I believe bible studies can be so good for the soul.

But why is there all of this pressure,  no matter what our personality type or the way we uniquely  feel closest to God or our different giftings or which season in life we are in not accounted for?  Why do I have to posses all of these things, all the time in order to feel like "my walk with God" is good?!

 And what about the times where you are doing all of those things but God's not talking much?  He does that, ya know.  Sometimes He is silent.  Does that mean I am not praying often enough or reading deep enough into the scriptures?

Ugh!  It's not fair and ya know what?!  It's making people feel like they are failing or they just plain do not feel close to God.  That makes me sad!

I wrote this Tweet the other day out of feeling the need to encourage myself along with other friends.

"There is no pressure from God to have the perfect walk w/Him. Just invite Him into your day. He'll appreciate it and you'll enjoy Him more"

And I believe it!  God wants us to desire Him and put him first.  He wants us to love others and do life with them.  He wants us to praise His name, etc.  Yes!  The goal is to become more like Christ so please do not take this post as a ticket to be stagnant in your relationship with Jesus BUT! with all of the desires He has for us, He also knows we cannot do all of that all of the time.

That's where grace comes in.  Grace is defined as 'unmerited favor."  Basically, God doing good for us that we do not deserve.  He is still going to love us through our 'failures" and nothing we do or do not do is going to stop His love us.  Our sin isn't strong enough for that.

So, please.  Wherever you are know that He loves you and wants good for you.  He wants you to search for him but he understands you cannot do it perfectly.  Pursue Jesus daily but first break down the cookie-cutter image you have been given to have the perfect spiritual walk.  Accept God into your daily life just as you are and I believe you'll find you enjoy Him more.  I think when we choose to do this, we can genuinely walk closer to Him more in line with the way He uniquely created each of us to....we are all created in His image but we are all very unique so let's let our "spiritual walks" look different and unique, too.


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