Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year + Tragedy and Triumph.

New Year's Eve, Andy and I were given the green light to go out and celebrate. We got so caught up in the day to day that we didn't plan. As a gal who thrives on spontaneity, I was okay with it. Andy, not wired this way, was also okay with it because, well, we were getting a date and we would be together!

I dressed up with a top he surprised me with on Christmas, accessories, nude lipstick because red lips scare him from kissing me and I surely didn't want that!

These bangs be growin'.

"I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!" -Elf

We get snow in Ohio...loving it!

I loved waiting 45 minutes to be seated in the 'standing room only' atmosphere. Andy just held me close and escaped to his phone (only when we were not in conversation).

When we were finally seated, in the perfect little back room (where it was quieter mind you), we ordered our favorite appetizer, drinks (sangria and coke. ha!) and main dishes.

Now it was time to talk real talk. It started out kind of somber- I mean, this year isn't a year we can hope for a good one like many people, or even the way we did in years past. This new year was probably going to be the most difficult one yet. We could lose our Zekey and if not him fully, more and more of Zekey would be sucked away from us, from himself.

We quickly decided that Zekey's disease and all the heartache that comes with it, wasn't going to be what we dwelled on in conversation that new year's eve. Not that I have to explain but, let me explain. We were not trying to avoid what is very real in our lives, but we are faced with that reality almost 24 hours a day and we rarely talk about the exciting things that are coming, too. It's a strange thing to be excited and hopeful at the very same time our son is dying.

So we went at it and talked of the exciting things coming. Andy was approached by a book publisher to write a book proposal! How cool is that?! He may very well write his first book this year! So amazing!

And I...well, are you ready? I have been given an amazing opportunity to touch the lives of women across the globe with hope all while doing something I've wanted to do for 15 years. I was asked, by the amazing Amber from Beautiful and Beloved, to design clothes for a group called PURNAA where they rescue women from sex trafficking, bring them hope by teaching them the trade of sewing and in an environment where they will not only thrive, but with every stitch, they are empowered to become free from the life (if you can call it that) they lived as slaves.

Can we say humbled? God is taking a deep desire of mine, a gift He has given me and is using it to bring life and hope and freedom to women who have felt none of these beautiful things before PURNAA.

It took a few months to accept this as an actual call on my life. I still struggle with wondering if God is really going to use little ole me, to do what I LOVE and bless the lives of women I can only PRAY I will hug someday.

I cannot do this alone. My dream of designing clothes has been proven quite small before I heard of PURNAA. They are taking the fashion industry (you wear clothes, right?) and using it to bless others BIG TIME.

Andy's working on my new blog. I'm working on new clothing designs. Things are happening.

So, how can you join me right now?

Pray with me. Pray God would do big things through me and my up-and-coming clothing line! Pray that I would find the right ways to share this news with businesses and people who are willing, able and feel called, would help support the financial investment my clothing line has in starting up.
Those of you may contact me via email:

*I was given my first financial gift by THE Lady Dianna who is doing amazing things with her God-given gifts (and SO FREAKING TALENTED!!!) and wrote me the sweetest letter, via snail mail, to encourage me and poured out such words of wisdom! I will carry it with me wherever I go for those obstacles that are sure to come.

Please pray that I'd make my big picture a reality- a really fun launch party, getting boutiques to buy the clothes I design and, even your willingness to consider buying from my line knowing not only, ahem, will the clothes BE.AMAZING. but more importantly...

With every purchase you are giving life and hope and freedom to women who have never felt such beautiful gifts before now.

I'm excited- REALLY excited, but I am scared. All of the "what ifs"! I do not plan on dwelling on my fears but run toward changing the lives of women for the better all while God leads and guides me through it.

Pretty cool, huh? Thank you for your following me My sweet readers, you have walked through all of the good and terrible with me and I'm so thankful. THANK YOU!!


  1. Wow...lots of exciting things going on!!! Congrats! Will be praying for guidance in this new chapter for you both.

  2. I woke at 4:30 a.m., and felt this need to check my phone. Now I know why.....thank you Lord! I am so excited for you I am not sure I will be able to go back to sleep!!! All I can think of is my favorite verse of mine.... God is able to do abundantly exceedingly beyond what we can imagine. God bless you sweetie

  3. That is so exciting Breena! Let me know how I can help :) Kim