Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Have you tried the new Fresh Take from Kraft?

I was hesitant at first, but when I went to Kroger and they literally handed me a coupon to try the new Fresh Take from Kraft, I thought, "Why not?"  Have you seen the commercial?

Why was I hesitant?  Well, I'm not a fan of buying things that are not real or all packaged up but I wanted to cut myself some slack and see how easy it really was! 

With coupon in hand, I went ahead and plopped the Italian Parmesan (yes, they have different flavors to choose from!) in my cart less hesitant than before.

Here's just how easy (and so yummy!) it was to use!

I plopped my Farmers Market chicken (which made me feel better about eating it! ha!) in the bag and just tossed it (maybe cheated a bit and pressed it) all in there reeeeal good.  I put it into the oven just as the directions said and started on my side dish.  Brussels sprouts.

Not sure about brussels sprouts?  I cannot promise you'll love them but I can't stop eating these with the way that I prepare them.

Cut them in half and place them on a cookie sheet.  Drizzle EVOO and Kosher salt, toss a bit and put it in the oven with your main dish.  It takes about 15 minutes for them to brown.  Ahh-mazing, healthy and of course, quick and easy.

Ready for the final product?

So darn good!  The kids (2 out of 3 eating kids) LOVED...the chicken but they know they have to eat their veggies! ;)

When Cyrus is in a good mood, he tells me that he's happy to eat the veggies because he wants to be healthy!  This was that kind of night ;)

Poor Eisley girl is a vegetarian and HATES meat.  I do not serve a lot of it nor do I make her eat much.  So, although she's smiling...she's not a fan of our dinner. :)

Zeke eats anything.  He also likes me to feed him like a baby which I secretly love.

Have you tried it?  Will you now?  I highly recommend it!  Happy healthy cooking!


  1. That is funny. I have it in my fridge already and it is what we were planning to try tonight. Hopefully we will be 2 for 2 on the kids.

    1. Good luck! Which flavor did you choose?