Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Favorite TWINS!!!

Olsen's Only.  That's the name of one of my Pinterest Boards.  It's because I love them SO much!  They are gorgeous and have the best clothes/stlye.  A great reason to love someone...because of their' fashion sense ;)

Well, did you hear?  Today they turn 26!  Happy birthday, beautiful twins!  You are one of very few child stars who grew up to be pretty!  (Is that mean?  That was mean.  Not to them, but all the other child stars who didn't get good genes.)

Look how cute they were?!

And the days right before they stopped smiling in all of their pictures....

And now...gorgeous as ever on the cover of Vogue for best dressed in 2012!

Happy birthday, pretty ladies!  May your lives be more than just really pretty to the people you are closest to.

And to me, may I remember that fashion is amazing and wonderful and it's in my blood but it's not more amazing than God himself and the beauty he creates.

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