Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gingerbread House-Not

Last week I decided to take advantage of Cyrus' home-school program's recipe to make gingerbread houses! I was extremely nervous because I had never made gingerbread anything before but to my surprise and with the help of my friend, Kristy, we totally did it!  
Eisley and Cyrus excited to help!

Zeke knows what to to :)

Used the extra dough to make the first letters of the kids' names!

They smelled so good!

Eisley excited for her E

So yummy!

C me? ;)


We had to make one for Bexley!

And of course, we made Mater teeth

Hardy, Har, Har!

Zekey already has big teeth like his momma ;)

And what would an adventure in baking be without a disaster somewhere? Those are Skittles...taste the rainbow!

 Oh, and you will not see any pictures of the actual gingerbread house because Zeke found those pieces and ate those too!  But we all eventually joined it, so it's all good.  Next year, mayhaps! ;)

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