Saturday, December 24, 2011

We Must Be On the Naughty List Because Santa Doesn't Visit the Holts...

I often get asked if my kids believe in Santa Clause and so as I process my reasons why and answer this question, I feel I should write it out.

I know the story of St. Nickolas is actually a very good one when all of the fairy tale is taken away.  But, if we are being honest, that's not who we celebrate today in America.

Americans celebrate the magic of Santa, the mystery in how he gives gifts to every child all in one night.  How he has flying reindeer and how he somehow fits down a chimney after eating all of those Christmas cookies! ;)

Growing up,  we didn't celebrate Santa.  I remember every Christmas morning, I really wanted to be excited and thankful that Jesus was what we were really celebrating.  I would feel guilty for being more excited about my presents then the fact that God sent the ultimate gift, Jesus.  <--I was pretty much a perfect daughter.  ha!

I remember in kindergarten, I wouldn't even color a Santa Clause in school.  Don't worry, my parents told me that it was okay to color a Santa and I felt sillly.  I just really wanted to make my parents proud!  I also remember telling my close friends, "No, he's NOT real!  Your parents are LYING to you!"  ha!  Yes, I was that kid.  A friends' mom nicely took me aside and said, "I know you know Santa is not real but it's just a fun thing we like to do, so let this be our little secret."  It was a fabulous way of getting me to keep my mouth shut because I felt special for "knowing the secret".

I actually think that the story of Santa is really fun!  I loved watching Rudolf in clay figures and still do!  
Best songs ever!!!

During Christmas time, we celebrate by making cookies, ginger bread houses, gift-giving, looking at Christmas lights, etc. 

And, to be honest, I'm feeling a little left out with the whole creepy-looking "Elf on a Shelf".  My friend, Andrea posted this picture...


Maybe I could copy the idea but use this...
"Remember kids...Jesus is always watching, Muwahahahaha!"  Oh, I already say that ;)  KIDDING!

Yeah, I'm sure that would be some sort of blaspheme. haha!

So, why do we not celebrate the story of Santa?  Here's why.  I know my kids pretty well.  I know what it takes for them to grasp the fact that they get punished because I love them.  I know how hard it is for them to understand that when they say "SORRY!"it doesn't actually mean their heart is sorry.  I know how much of a puzzle it is explain "why" Jesus would do what he did for us on the cross...because, that's just crazy!

As their momma, I also know how much my kids love the idea of Christmas because of the presents.  It's hard enough to get them to focus on the real meaning of Christmas without Santa and his reindeer involved.  I mean, I have literally had to say to Eisley, "No, honey.  Santa is not going to bring you presents." haha!

I've worked my butt off in constantly reminding the kids why we celebrate Christmas.  It's just really important to me that they get it.  I know I did as a young girl and I'm thankful to my old church and my parents for making that important.
Just this morning we celebrated Christmas with our close family friend, Lauren and I was SO happy to see my efforts being blessed.  I mean, it truly meant a lot.  Cyrus saw Lauren and he said something like, "I'm not more excited about the presents and the donuts than seeing you, Lauren."  And he just kept on saying things that let her know he was happy to just be with her.

There is so much wonder and awe in the Christmas story.  The miracle of Mary being conceived by the Holy Spirit and was told so by an actual Angel.  God loving us enough to send His son, Jesus to an imperfect world, knowing He would do no wrong and yet still be put on a cross to die for the sins of the world.  What a beautiful story to be apart of.  So humbling.   

My hope is that with all of the fun things you do during this wonderful Christmas holiday, Jesus would be apart of it.  Let's be honest and corny all at the same time, no matter what "Jesus is the reason for the season."  

Merry Christmas!

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