Monday, January 30, 2012

I've been Tatt-i-fied.


Here's how I knew I would be okay with a tattoo....I've wanted one since I was probably 17 but knew I wasn't going to get one with my parents not allowing it (If only I was always so obedient!).  I got married at the wee age of 20 and my hubby didn't approve so I just kind of let him know here and there over the years trying to explain why I wanted one.  And through all of those years and all those precious babies, I still wanted a tattoo.

Well, one day we had our eyes glued to his parents T.V. (they had cable and we didn't!) and were watching INK.  After an episode, he looks over and says.  "Okay, you can get one."  Me literally not having a clue to what he was talking about says, "What?"  Andy, "You can get one.  I approve."  Me, "What do you mean, you approve?"  Andy, "You can get a tattoo.  I think that'd be hot."  Me, "Oh!  Really?!  Wow.  Awesome!"

At that time, I didn't really have an idea as to what I wanted but I did know it was never going to be anything big.  So I kind of let it go.  I thought about it for months and decided I would be so original in getting "Redeemed" in red and in Hebrew.  This because my life had been redeemed by the blood of Jesus.  Little did I know, every other Christian and their brother got bible-ly sayings in Hebrew or Greek.  Ha!  Not so original anymore!  But I still loved the idea.

Well, then I got preggo, and then again...maybe again I do not remember ;)  All I know is that it came up again and I thought about what else had been redeemed in my life through Jesus' healing.  Music and my original dream to create through sewing.  So, I wanted to incorporate those as well.  I decided I wanted to get a silhouette of a vintage sewing machine (now THAT is original!) and...well, I want to get the "redeemed" in Hebrew and in red and the "other" part representing music with my hubs at a later date!  That is all hush, hush for now.

The other part of tonight that was important to me was I wanted to go with someone who A. Was a good friend of mine and B. Had been through this tattoo stuff.

Who better than my girl, Lauren!?  Gosh, I love her!  We've been through so much, she's like family and I just can't imagine life without her in it!

Here's our CRAZY FUN night!

If I weren't getting a tattoo there, this would be a weird pic.
THE image.  YES!

She had a razor and I FREAKED OUT!  "What are you doing?!"

I'll just smile through my nervousness...

Typical tattoo picture.

Completely thrilled with the outcome.

I'm thrilled...more to come later!

"Hannah Banana" was so much fun (And talented!)

In awe of the detail.

Best choice to do this with LJL!

So pretty, right?

Pita Pit...ah-mazing!

Oh, yes!

Insomnia Cookies!  Go, Lauren, Go!

Even a smile!

I thought I could eat it all....

hahaha!  I look like I meant to do that! ;)

What.A.Fun.Night!  Thanks, Lauren for a blast of a night...LOVE YOU!  And, I really love my tattoo!

P.S. Getting my nose pierced and re-pierced, my tongue and belly button pierced (those are both gone) hurt worse than getting this tattoo.  For real.

P.S.S. I went to Evolved on High.  I do not think I've been anywhere so sterile.  Not kidding...she was on top of being CRAZY CLEAN, which I loved :)


  1. bree- you had your tongue pierced? now that's rebel. I'm impressed you chose your arm! why get a tat if noone can see it?! nicely done.

  2. I did! I got rid of it but it was fun for the 1.5 years I had it :) Thanks!

  3. What!?! Did I read it right? You had to wait until you got your husband's approval before you got a tattoo? SMH. Anyhow...Congrats on your first tattoo!

  4. Kate, I did NOT have to wait, but I feel it's quite important to honor my husband's wishes. I mean, I love him and care what he thinks :) So it was really fun when he approved!

  5. How exciting! It looks really good and I can't wait to see it in person!