Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Red Lips!

So, I have always loved red-stained lips.  I guess not always, but for a few years.  I wore red lipstick a few years ago but then stopped.  But, I went to Sephora last night with Eisley and tried on a shade and although it was extreme...I loved it!

Remember this blog post on red lips back in the day?  I feel I still agree with most of those statements.  Here are a few pictures of some more recent red-lip love/hate.

I love you, Olsen twin BUT still, blondes in this shade of red scare me!

Blondes, go with a coral...SO pretty!


Zooey always does it right...
But Emma, you have won!  You can pull of red lips best!

Red Lizard by NARS

and a cute bed-head Zeke
So tell me, have you tried the trend?  Want to?  Please share!!!


  1. Oh, yes! I LOVE red lips, and wear it all the time. I have Sephora's Makeup For Ever Professional Artists in Rouge Artist for special occasions (it's BOLD) and Covergirl's Soulmate for everyday. I also have a red lip stain from LORAC that I like a lot.

    I like the shade you're wearing a lot. Red lipstick is so much fun, isn't it?

  2. Good for you!!! It's daring but, it's just one little thing I can do that makes me feel like I'm more than just "a mom". I'm a woman blessed with beautiful children :)

  3. I thought of this post when I saw this one: Everyone can wear red lipstick. There. It's now scientifically (kinda) proven ;-)

  4. hahah! Notice there are NO blondes ;) I mean, real deal blondes. Not sure if I agree, yet ;) They can wear, coral. That's my thought :)