Friday, April 5, 2013

Diet Change...bring it.

As if my plate is not already completely full, Zeke's blood and genetic testing came back and basically, without doing any final testing due to the fact that Zeke's diet is very clean and healthy and has been for almost 6 months, he shows many signs of Celiacs disease.

His doctor is confident that it's in our family and with the history I have shared with her on how I have personally seen carby foods effect my kids negatively, we are, at the least, a gluten-intolerant family and have celiac disease somewhere.  Even as a child, I remember the pain certian foods would cause my stomach and I see it in my own kids.  We do NOT have to live like this.

Our amazing pediatrician quickly mentioned that I will run into nah-sayers.  People who think we are just jumping on the latest fad-diet. Guess what?!  We ARE!  People are going GF all over and when they stick to it for months to clear out their gut, many are seeing some major, life-transforming results.

She made it clear when she firmly said that we truly need to get gluten out of our house and our system and she's confident we will see very positive results.

Poor Bexley has chronic ear infections along with signs of overgrowth of yeast in her system.  Did you know craddle cap is a major sign of overgrowth of yeast as is eczema?!  Whoops!

Cyrus acts like he has a cloud over his head and it just generally negative when he's had a lot of bread.  He seems much happier when we take even MOST of it out...can't wait to see my happy boy again!  I know he's in there ;)

Eisley is obsessed.with.carbs.  Also, another sign.  Consumed with food and wanting to eat.  'She get it from her momma!'

Sugar.  When a test on rats was given with their choice of either cocain (highly addictive) and sugar-water, they continued to choose the sugar water.  Eeek!  I would too! (for more reasons than one) haha!

I know 3 people who were so sick, they were told they may not make it or would just have to live with the life-sucking symptoms.  They took out gluten out and their health is better than ever!

I'm not hear to explain why we are doing it other than what I have already said OR convince you that your family needs to jump on board.  Everyone responds to food differently.

I am kindly asking for encouragement and for any of you who are in our lives, to respect in every possible way, our new lifestyle.  You don't have to bend over backwards for us by eating what we eat. I will hopefully always have a snack to take to play-dates, gf dishes to share at gatherings, etc!  It's our life/diet we have to change, not yours.

I'm not excited about all the changes but I am a wife and momma who cares about her family and is constantly fighting with every fiber in my being, to help my kids to be as healthy as they can not only for their lives but for their children's lives.  To help take any obstacles they may have due to diet out of their system so they can be more of the boy or girl their Creator created them to be!  To bring order to chaos in Jesus' name!

I'm so thankful for those of you who I have shared this new information with and are willing to help us get started.  By prayers, words of encouragement and even sending me recipes (Thanks, Tricia!  Just got your email you sweet thing!)  What a blessing!

I'm all about Elana's Pantry and excited to find more blogs!  If you have any questions about going gf, I'd love to assist you in my little knowledge and also be there to encourage you if needed.

Along with the new diet change and with all of this research I have been doing over the last however many years, I am seeing how important it is to rid our lives of toxins as much as possible.  I have done this slowly over the years through natural, plant-based skin care products, soaps, detergents, etc. but now, with a child who suffers from retractable epilepsy and learning on how many children who suffer from epilepsy have a toxic build up, we need to go all out in ridding our home of toxins.

Here are some things I'm doing (or going to do)

1.Shower curtains.  Clothe only (or alternative).  I have heard many times that the plastic liner that has a strong smell when you first open it up, is full of toxins.

2.Pots, pans and cookware, oh my!  I'm going to get all Pyrex and Stoneware.  Just a few pennies, I'm sure ;)

3.Getting even more aggressive on our laundry detergent.  I have seen many homemade detergents that are good but the Borax makes me nervous.  I am all about Baking Soda and Vinegar.  Anyone have a super-duper, non-toxic recipe?

4.Diapers.  Ugh...I think it's time.  Cloth.  I'm currently sobbing rivers and oceans over this one.  I'd like more laundry, please!  Thanks! Currently, when I change the kids' diapers, my hands are sucked dry of any moister I have...they smell toxic, so they must  Send me your best products!  Bring it!

5.Dishwaher detergent.  Anyone have suggestions?  I am always re-rinsing our dishes of the detergent because it smells so chemically but I'd rather skip that step.  Something that isn't going to harm our family.  Thoughts?

6. Water softener.  Our water has always been harsh on my skin and when family comes in, they say they smell the chlorine (or something) in our I think we should invest in one.

That's all I can think of for now.  If you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Oh, and I am working with a dietitian who works with the GAPS diet and Keto diet and does phone consultations!  She works specifically with children with special needs.  It's glorious to be given so many dr.'s who get it.  Who are trying to get to the root of the issue.  Thank you, Jesus!


Your friend, the hippie. ;)


  1. :) Breena I'm so excited your doctor is advising this step for you guys! the devil is in the details as always!
    we use cast iron, and pyrex to cook with. It was def. a learning curve for me but now I have fantastic iron levels ( a surprise benefit!) As for a dish detergent and or homemade solution, check out the mountain rose herb website- they do sell soap nuts- an actual plant that produces "soap" naturally. pretty cool. I still use Charlie's, which I buy in bulk from amazon- we love it and only use the liquid. but- you can also use Dr. Bronners for toothpaste, body, hair, and dishes. I find it to be drying- so I will add in jojoba oil. I also use vinegar and baking soda for just about everything! vinegar is a great alternative to help brighten/whiten and soften clothes. rinse really well if you're using it on hair lol I use the apple cider bit for that- great natural detangler and helps w/ cradle cap/dandruff! I have some recipes I can email on fb once I find them, or I'll link you the websites!

    1. Your comment was so very helpful! Thank you! It's nice to have it on the blog so that others can see it too so thanks!!!

  2. Hey girl! I haven't had to deal with the gluten issue, but I also have been trying to remove toxins from our home. My favorite blog right now is which road tests a ton of natural/organic/whole food solutions for food and and household. Check it out! Best to you on this journey.

    1. Oh, I can't wait to look at that website! And thanks for leaving a comment on here as opposed to FB. It helps with other readers and for myself to look back and find the sources you've shared! :)

  3. Dishwasher detergent -- definitely check out Seventh Generation! I love their green cleaning products. Have used both the loose powder and the packs. I prefer the packs, but both work well!

    1. Thanks! How much does it cost per load? I found some at our farmer's market that I'm going to try! Love other options, though! Feel free to leave your name in the future! I am blessed to "know" my readers as much as possible! :)